Department of Chemistry

     The Chemistry department was introduced in the year 1960. When Shift System was introduced in the Government Colleges in the year 2007, B.Sc  Course was started in the Second Shift also. M.Sc  Chemistry  was started in the academic  year 2011-2012 and upgraded as Research Department by introducing M.Phil and Ph.D  during the academic  year 2012-2013. The Department of Chemistry aims to be the model for educating and graduating students to compete and contribute to the modern technology. 


• Producing knowledgeable graduates for careers in academic, industry and government and private sectors.

Guiding rural students through social relevant knowledge and skills. 

 To create a conducive atmosphere by enhancing the facilities for research.


  To enhance the quality of teaching chemistry by adopting technology.

  Motivating students for  higher studies with more attention to the rural students.

  Motivate research activities among staff and the students.


  • To promote the Research activities among Rural students.
  • To promote innovative curriculum development,  exposing students to advanced instrumentation and technology.
  • To help  rural students to get placement.


NAAC visit on Jan 18 to Jan 20, 2016.

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