(Affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi)

Sivaganga - 630 561, Tamil Nadu



Department of Physics

The department of Physics was started in the year 1971 with the under graduate course B.Sc. Physics. Formerly this college was affiliated with Madurai Kamaraj University any later from 2008 onwards it is affiliated by Alagappa University under the choice based credit system of curriculum. The government of Tamilnadu introduced shift system in 2007 and this department is adhering the shift system till now. In the year 2011 post graduate course (M.Sc.), was offered and the research programmes, Ph.D and M.Phil are stated in the subsequent years 2012 and 2013 . Now the department has strong commitment towards teaching and learning. The department has an excellent library with 2511 books available in all the fields of physics. Every year the students secured their academic university ranks in all programmes. From this department 72 students have obtained their PG degree and 52 students have obtained their M.Phil degree. The students are engaged in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities effectively.

All the members of the faculty are doctorate degree holders and they are enthusiastically interested in research activities. Thrust area of research programmes are being pursued intensively in this department which includes lattice dynamics, thin films, crystal growth, non linear optical materials, Graphene nano composites , nano oxides and ferrites materials. Within a short span of time 6 numbers of students obtained their Ph.D degree from this department. The department provides separate research laboratory equipped with furnaces and basic synthesising amenities. The research scholars have done their research work in this department itself.


  • Providing value based quality and updated knowledge in the area of physics.
  • Preparing students for jobs in state and national level in their relevant subject.
  • Enhancing research attitude among staff and students by improving the facilities in the department.


  • To provide authentic knowledge in physics by adopting innovative teaching and evaluation strategy.
  • To impart value based knowledge to make students responsible citizens.
  • To inculcate research attitude by making learners to be aware of innovations in the field.


  • Provide a classy level of education for teaching of undergraduate and Post graduate studies.
  • Prepare the student in possessions of physics and the principles of systematic methods required for the wrapping up of physical tests.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to deepen his knowledge in the branches of physics so that views on the out skirts of contemporary science.
  • Analysis of the student in-depth knowledge of the extent of scientific maturity can participate effectively in the scientific and technical aspects of the development and planning programs.
  • Work in the achievement of applied research, basic scientific research, experimental, theoretical and applied.