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The existence of Internal Quality assurance cell (IQAC) is mandatory as per NAAC guidelines, after the institution being once accredited by NAAC, for quality sustenance and quality enhancement activities in Higher Education Institutions (HEI),. The assessment of the performance of institutions is made, based on a well defined sets of criteria formulated by NAAC which comprises various aspects of functionality of an institution such as; Curricular Aspects, Teaching-Learning and Evaluation, Research, Consultancy and Extension, Infrastructure and Learning Resources, Student Support and Progression, Governance, Leadership and Management and Innovations and Best practices. These criteria are common to all HEI but the variation in weight age to certain factors are given based on the status of the institutions; earmarked as University, autonomous college or affiliated institutions.

The internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) in Raja Doraisingam Government Arts College was established in 23rd July 2007. The college secured ‘B+’ grade with the CGPA of 76.30 in the first cycle of NAAC accreditation and ‘B’ grade with the CGPA of 2.61 during its second cycle of accreditation in the year 2016. The IQAC of the college involved in various quality sustenance and enhancement measures to equip well the institution for the next NAAC visit. The link given below shows meeting conducted during the academic year 2018-19 and details of resolutions and compliance…

Compliance to IQAC resolutions (2018-2019)

latest notification of formation of IQAC

Quality maintenance practices of NAAC must not be seen only as an external intervention by a regulatory body from outside or additional practices compelled by external agencies, but the truth is that it must be an integral part of institutional practices which will be naturally assimilated if the functionality of the system is streamlined as per the objectives of the nation’s educational policies. One of the major revisions in the recent assessment and accreditation process of NAAC is ICT enabled process. It makes the process more accurate and effective. All HEI is expected to maintain fully informative and regularly updated website, which has become an authentic electronic source of Institutional data. Submission of all applications and forms pertain to NAAC such as AQAR, IIQA, SSR, and everything have come to online mode. Hence it is essential to ensure computer with internet facility as a minimum facility must be made available in all the departments to ensure smooth execution of NAAC activities.

Smart classroom or classrooms with ICT facilities and development of ICT content are other challenging tasks for HEI run by the government. Teachers are expected to contribute for E-content and use ICT in teaching learning process. Education will not be effective or even we can say not possible, without the use of virtual platform as online learning, flipped classes and easy availability of e- resources are popular mode of learning today. Swayam as described in the “Swayam website” is a “programme initiated by government of India and designed to achieve the three cardinal principles of our education policy; access, equity and quality.” It functions with the sole objective of taking the best teaching and learning resources to all. It bridges the digital divide for students who are remained untouched by the digital revolution. Moreover the future generations of students will be ‘digital natives’, hence every institution must be fully equipped to meet the requirements of ICT integrated teaching and learning process.

It is the government colleges which offer higher education for the weaker section of the society and the downtrodden, which is otherwise not affordable or impossible for them. Moreover by means of various scholarship programmes the government encourages the weaker section of the society to participate in the higher education programme. Quality education is accepted as a real tool of empowerment for the modern youth. The role of IQAC in government colleges is to overcome the challenges in ensuring quality in education by finding all possible ways to develop the institution in the aspects of the seven criteria of NAAC in n order to enable it to fulfill the prerequisites in NAAC frame work of assessment for quality sustenance and enhancement of the institution.